Self-adjusting headframe made of a soft polymer with an elasticated mechanism, ensuring a universally comfortable fit for prolonged use, eliminating the need to be manually adjusted by the user during examination.


Sized for heads between 48-62cm. An average adult head measures 53-61cm.


Ultra-lightweight at just 170 grams, including battery and LED light, compared to many other market models weighing in at 350 grams.


Considerably easier to clean than other models by using a light polymer for the frame that does not rely on traditional sponge padding for comfort, which cannot be wiped.


Rechargeable cordless Lithium-ion battery with a quick-release feature available in two editions; Blue providing 3 hours of battery life in High Mode or Red providing 4 hours.


LED spotlight provides a focused white light with a defined diameter of 8cm at a working length of 40cm and complies with IEC 60601 technical standards.


LED spotlight provides 400 Lumens in High Mode or 200 Lumens in Low Mode, compared to some available market models which only deliver as little as 40 Lumens.